Ran-dom Exhibition :

Ram_Dom : Chile 08-09

/an exhibition of photographs and memory :

RAM [ Random Accessible Memory ]



We as humans are heavily reliant on our eyes, but more specifically, our visual sense. Constant streams of information are absorbed and collated in the brain, all facilitated as a function of the eye.

It follows then that are majority of our memory is formulated from visual stimuli. Furthermore, the process of recollection is heavily reliant on the storage of acquired “visual snapshots”

Photography has the advantage of emulating the function of the eye, capturing a single frame, independent of time. Each individual frame like memory, often emulates both the subject and emotion inherent to the shot. Emblazoned on paper, photography is memory manifested physically, indeed a milestone in time, captured in time.

A two-part tittle inspired by memory and recollection: each title illustrates the photography process during my trip through Chile.

“Random” alludes to the random and often chaotic nature in which shots are taken, and by subsequence, how memory is acquired.

“Acquired Memory”, however pertains the acquisition of the photography subject- the storage of the visual- and its strength in recollection.


Each shot in this series has been shot on Fuji 800 ISO 35MM Film.


This series and exhibition is an ode to Analogue cameras and Film and the unknown random shot.


*The introduction is written by my nephew Rodrigo after a night drinking red wine and hearing me blurb on about photography, the importance of the decisive moment and the introduction of digital film and thus became the tittle for my upcoming exhibition.

All these images and wording Copyright of Claudio Vega 2008-2016